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Your Grid Connection Experts - Providing an alternative to using the local DNO


Success Connections are a LRQA NERS registered Independent Connection Provider (ICP). We provide several services to companies who are looking to get their project or development connected to the National Grid. 

Working across a variety of sectors including, renewable energy, battery storage, gas peaking plants and STOR, Industrial and Commercial, Data Centres and domestic multi utility, we have the experience to support with all projects from start to finish.

We are experts in High Voltage (HV) design and build services and offer developers and contractors an alternative to using the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

What are the benefits of using an ICP?

What services can an ICP provide?

Success Connections can provide a range of services to developers and contractors including:

One of the many services on offer at Success Connections is LV, HV and EHV design for grid connections and Contestable works. 

Ranging from Low Voltage up to and including 275kV – we have the in-house expertise.

Some of the High Voltage design services we provide include:

To support the Electrical design process throughout your project, Success Connections also offer:



As an accredited ICP, Success Connections can carry out works on the electricity network and provide clients, contractors, and developers with an alternative to using the local DNO for the ‘Contestable Works’ element of their project or development.

A full turnkey solution is provided, including the design and construction for Cable Laying and Jointing, Substation and Transformer Installation, final testing, and Commissioning. 

In addition, Success Connections also provide grid consultancy and support across the entire project delivery programme.

What are Contestable Works?

What are Non-Contestable Works?

For any given project, there is an element of the works which can only be carried out by the DNO to comply with the Electricity Act 1989, these are typically referred to as non-Contestable works and include:

Once all elements are complete, the network is then adopted either by the local DNO or an IDNO.

If you have a project in progress which requires an electrical load, please get in touch to see how we can help from start to finish.


Full guidance and support along the process of connecting your project/development to the national grid.

Success Connections have several experienced HV Electrical Engineers in house who are on hand to offer expert and technical advice for your project.

Acting as your go to Utility Consultant, we can guide you through the process from assessing grid capacity through to the final connection to the transmission grid.

With experience working on embedded generation projects (Wind, Solar, Peaking, STOR), Battery Storage Systems, Data centre connections and Industrial and commercial connections, we are well equipped to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Success Connections pride themselves on being able to offer clients full grid support and guidance. Our services include (but are not limited to):


It can seem like a minefield when looking to connect your project to the national grid – you might be thinking, where do I start?

Success Connections can support clients with Power System Studies and Analysis which are an essential part of electrical power system design.

The process involves undertaking engineering analysis investigations, calculations, and simulations to ensure the proposed electrical system is correctly specified and designed to perform as intended.

The studies ensures that the network can withstand expected stress and be protected against potential system failures which may occur once live.  

  • Grid Connection Application processes for G99 & G100 compliance
    • Grid and distribution code compliance studies
    • Grid connection impact design and studies
    • Load flow and fault level studies
    • Contingency and transient stability studies
    • Voltage fluctuation analysis and harmonic assessments


  • Protection Co-ordination Studies
    • Correct protection settings of relays to ensure that should a fault occur, only the faulted item of equipment is removed from service, with all other elements remaining online
  • Avoiding one fault causing a full trip to a Substation
  • Earthing Design and Studies
    • Specialist Earthing design to ensure earthing system is appropriate for the project
    • Initial site investigations, site testing and site surveys