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LRQA NERS Accredited Independent Connection Provider. Providing expert High Voltage (HV) design and build services for new electrical grid connections

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Who We Are

Your grid connection experts.


Experienced, NERS accredited, Independent Connection Provider (ICP) assisting customers with their electrical connection to the National Grid. 

Success Connections can deliver compliant and best in class Low Voltage (LV), High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) electrical designs up to 132kV for new electrical grid connections.

Working closely with Developers, Contractors, and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs), we can design and build electricity networks and provide an alternative to using the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for Contestable Works. 

Our goal is to challenge the status quo, whilst ensuring a timely, cost-effective solution to our clients. 


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Providing you with an alternative to using the local DNO for all Contestable Works (design and build)

Receive tailored proposal

Send over your Point of Connection offer from the local DNO and we will provide a bespoke proposal for your grid connection

Use Success Connections as your ICP

Work commences on the electrical design for your grid connection as well as providing full project management throughout

Connected to the grid

Your project is successfully connected to the National Grid and handed over to the Local DNO or IDNO who adopt the network

Interested in working with us as your grid connection expert?


Did you know you have a choice? Competition in Connections was introduced to allow ICPs, such as Success Connections, the ability to manage elements of the utility connections outside of the DNOs. 

As a Lloyds NERS accredited ICP, we can provide customers with innovative and flexible solutions for grid connections, which can result in commercial advantages as well as accelerated programmes.


High Voltage Electrical Design


Electrical Grid Connection


Power System Studies

What We Offer

Your grid connection experts

Whether you have a large or small energy project, we’re here to help you get connected to the national electricity transmission network.

Experienced High Voltage Electrical Design Engineers

Power System Studies, G99 and G100 Compliance

Lloyds NERS Accredited Independent Connection Provider

Utility Consultants - Grid Planning, Capacity Finding, Grid Technical due diligence

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  • An Independent Connection Provider is a company who is accredited by the Lloyds NERS register who carries out works on the electricity network across the UK
  • When you apply for a new electrical connection, there are different elements to the work involved and rules as to who can carry out those works.
  • Contestable Works can be undertaken by an accredited ICP and/or the DNO and typically include; electrical design of distribution network, Project Management, Cable Laying and Cable Jointing, Substation and Transformer installation, Civil works and provision of other plant associated with the grid connection
  • When you apply for a new electrical connection, there are different elements to the work involved and rules as to who can carry out those works.
  • Non Contestable Works can only be undertaken by the local DNO and typically include; processing the Non contestable application, determining the point of connection, design approval of the network, network reinforcement, obtaining wayleaves, final testing and connection to the electricity network

Customer testimonials

Trusted to deliver

    Ashley Seager

    Director at Sun4Net Ltd

    Success Connections are true pros and have in-depth knowledge of the industry thanks to their wide experience with DNOs, ICPs and so on. They have helped us, and are still helping us to successfully connect around 70MW of both solar farms and storage projects to the grid.

      Liban Elmi

      Technical Director at SPRING

      Success Connections Utility Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd at present are providing engineering consultancy services for over 100MW of our HV grid connected solar power pipeline. Their delivery is satisfactory and professional.

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      Generation / Renewable Energy

      STOR / Gas Peaking Plant

      Battery Storage

      Industrial and Commercial

      Data Centre

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